lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-03-17 23:36:05 (UTC)

amputee friend

maybe if you just cut my legs off, i'd feel better. hmm.
no i'm sorry, that might be offensive to the amputees of
the world & i love my legs...but the bad one hurts soo bad
& i still have 19 days till surgery.

tomorrow's my little brother's 14th birthday. how weird is
that? my 14th birthday feels like it was last week.
aaaagh, no progress, i tell you!! i was talking to my
buddy adam in michigan & we were remembering celebrating
our 7th birthdays together. ahhh i don't know, i feel
really geezerish, or like time has just flown by and i
haven't done much of significance. eek. bad feeling.

ok, enough of that. ummm...2 weeks till spring break. not
that it's all that exciting anyway, but still. beach
camping will be fun. maybe i'll go snowboarding too.
actually i'm working & having surgery--sounds like a good
spring break, huh? :-)

man could i BE a little more grumpy today? and i don't
even know why!!