Ms. Thang

Just another ME!
2001-05-14 19:28:02 (UTC)


yeah i am..finally..!..Yesterday was a fun day..i
spent 4 hours in the emergency room..FUN FUN...i spent all
those hours waiting..and getting poked at for blood just so
taht they could tell me that my colon was causing my
stomach they gave me soem medication that
looks like blue zanies.but ..its alright..they
are itty bitty..i had to go to the doctors today for a
follow up..just got some medication that is about all..
Well all that is over now..anywyas...Jakes last ball game
is i guess i will end up goin to that seeing as
my mom is gonna make me go to school tomorrow.But..Jake si
a good guy.he called me this morning to make sure that i am
doin alright...THursday i gotta go to a Relay for life fun..but..the Relay is this will
be fun i think i just dont wanna see ppl there tha ti know
i cant stand..adn i will probably end up seeing those ppl.
With my luck...if i even have any..or if u would even call
it luck..?
Anyways..summer is coming 2 weeks if even that i
will be out of school it should be an alright summer but i
am not looking forward to working all summer.and tha tis
probably what my mom is gonna end up making me do..cause
she is like that...she gives me the responsibility lectures
24-7..and about getting asummer job all the time.'Oh well..
Nic is gonna go to the game tuesday..he says he wouldnt
miss out on getting an oppurtunity to meet me..!!!..:)
that kinda makes me happy..we have seen eachother
before.just never met face to face to i guess he will be ther eat jakes game with me
tuesday..which might be kinda fun..who knows..haha.he is
great..well i gotta go...later..