mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-03-17 21:59:34 (UTC)


well it has been a while since i last wrote in here... Lisa
and nicole have been sick.... and i got letter yesterday
from my dad that totally pissed me off. They are trying to
lay a guilt trip on me as well as blackmail me. I will not
fall for either, the ball is in their court. they need to
accep Lisa & her children in their lives as part of the
family in ordre for there to be any form of reconciliation.
They also need to realize that I am very very broke right
now,as they are refusing to let me get any of my belongings
until I repay them for a $1000.00 loan. I will not
buckle , I am gonna do my best to be strong on this. Lisa I
feel is takin my parents side ... i was very upset over
letter yesterday , and she was not least bit sympathetic
toward me . I have no idea what to expect from her now.
I knoow she has issues too, and i am tryin to be there for
her, but she isnt there when i need her most... what am i
to do ?? any sugestions ??? please help .....