The Xdruggie Files
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2002-03-17 21:19:11 (UTC)

That's Shaven not Stirred (Warning Explicit)

Been a while since i have written down my thoughts. I have
a lot to recap. Ok so i don't know if this is an actual
break in my contract or not but 4 days shy of getting off
contract and i had a sexual experience. It was with Tony-
the 37 year old. We had been messing around some-but the
whole contract thing made us hold off on any kind of
penetration (well until wed when i got off contract). But i
am getting a head of myself. So we were watching movies and
then getting ready to go out to a meeting. Tony had to take
a shower and he asked me if i wanted to take one with him.
We kinda messed around some in the shower and then he
shaved me. It was really hot. And i feel all smooth and
shit around my stuff :) i guess i'll let him shave my ass
next. and technically it wasn't sex (by the bill clinton
def) but maybe that's just justification.

Anyway without getting one extreme of clinical or the other
of trashy. We have penetrated each other. That was
Wednesday when my contract was up. I was completely in my
mind at that time which is a new experience for me during
sex. We had safe sex. The condom thing was different, yet
hot. I haven't (i don't think) ever had anyone top me with
a condom and only Eddie and now tony have ever topped me
when i was sober (or clean). Anyway.

Got my sixth month chip. My friend Kim was supposed to go
with me to get it, but she had a fight with the guy she was
seeing (TIOT) and she got drunk. I was really upset by this.

Maybe the thing with Tony is good, maybe it's bad. It feels
right and i am interested and haven't broken any of my
boundaries with him. I found an S.L.A.A. meeting here and
will try to go Tues. The point of all this is that i
haven't thought about drugs in a while.


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