I Live My Life by the Moon
2002-03-17 21:00:59 (UTC)


I have had an interesting past week and a... something.
Junior prom has come and gone, which is good because all
the stress is over, but not because I had a bad time. My
dates (yes, plural) ignored me. Jack was whining because
Shell wasn't there and Broc was upset because he just got
dumped. I'm not mad at Broc, he's in the clear. I
understand what it's like to go to a dance right after
getting dumped, so it's OK. Jack, on the other hand, has no

He's a dick and that's about all there is to it.

After prom, Kyle, Danae, Elisa, and Tamara all came over.
We were up 'til 3:30 talking about sex and how many people
we've made out with and stuff like that. Then we all piled
on the TV room floor and watched Fight Club. Kyle was the
only one who was up the whole time. He woke me up when the
movie was over and he and I went upstairs to eat Cheerios.
He was so tired that it took him about 30 minutes to eat a
small bowl of Cheerios.

Well, before the party really started, Kyle and Danae made
out in my driveway for about 40 minutes. Then Kyle went
around telling everyone that he almost got Danae in the
backseat, which caused a whole lot of drama. Danae's not
mad that Kyle was telling people that they made out, just
that he almost had sex with her.

Anyway, Jack and Broc are aware that I'm angry about being
ditched. A lot of people said, "Do you want me to beat up
your dates for you?" I'm not too angry. Anymore.