The life of a hellraiser
2002-03-17 20:57:53 (UTC)

Talkin Baseball

Yesterday I went to my first baseball game as a manager of
the high school baseball team!!! We had a scrimmage up at
Haddonfield High School against their team. I'm a manager,
as well as Ashley Hoglen(Drew Hoglen's little sister), and
Denise Graham(she's going out with Shane Hug, supposedly)
are. I showed up at the High School before the players came
out with the Equipment. I saw Nick Speakman come out there
first and he just looked at me. Then Ben came out walked
over to where Nick was sitting and they were just talking
for until Mario and Andrew walked over there and started
talking. They were all talking about something but all four
of them looked right at me when I turned my head so I
wonder if they were talking about me or what.