Queen Bee

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2002-03-17 20:56:18 (UTC)


I want to learn mind control. cuz the average person only
uses 10% of there braina nd if i learned how to use the
other 90%, theni could pick people up and set them outside
with my mind alone. and that would be totally freakin cool.
cuz my bro and Big butt (a guy my mom works with) are
watching the movie firestarter an din it the whole fam has
powers and its jsut really gnarly (in ex's words) but yeah,
just chillin waitin for red to come over. she should be
here soon. oh yeah, happy st. patty's day to everyone. now,
this is gonna suck cuz i dont wear or even own anything
green but if anyone so much as touch's me wrong i'll beat
them to death with there own legs. jesus man, i am freakin
horny. I just need to pick some random guy and just do him
but i wont cuz i want to do it with soemone i truly care
about. but anyways,i think my sis is out of the shower, so
i gotta go!! bye, i love you all!!!

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