cosmic ski slopes
2001-05-14 18:28:54 (UTC)


Well, Jr. Prom was this weekend. It was amazing.
Everythgin went exactly as planned except for the fact
that I didn't talk to one of my closest friends all night, I
guess that's for the best though... He's just SO
infuriating sometimes! I mean, there's so much that's
gone on between us and now i'm FINALLY happy
(which I totally deserve) and he "doesn't like Nick"
because he doesn't know him. Well who's fault is that?
I mean really, Brian SO COMPLETELY could have come
and talked to us at the prom or even at the party AFTER
prom because we all ended up int he same plce. but
he said I looked busy with Nick and he didn't want to
bother, well I won't bother with him anymore, first love is
over, that's for sure... finally! I feel like everythgin that
happned was nothgin now I think I'm falling for a 'good
guy' instead of the jerk that I always found in Brian... Oh
well. I'll go now, Cauli (my friend who's here with me)
looks impatient, we're gonna walk down to the Getty
(Cranberry Meadow Market) down the street from our
school (Noble High, we're in the library now, I'm
ditching Track practice...). Too-da-Loo!
-Lullaby Dancer (2:28 pm)