my pathetic life
2002-03-17 20:13:32 (UTC)

another lovely sunday

well today its raining, i like the rain. its fun. well
2nite is 311, yay. i called my friend to c if she was
still coming but she wasnt home and that suxs. now i have
an extra tickect and i dont no wether to sell it to some1
else of just hope she shows up. well today i watched the
virgin suicides, it was good. for some reason my parents
feel the need to add more stress to my life. they are
making we go 2 church at 4 even though the concert is and
730 and its a fuckin long ass way away. but thats ok,
they're just idiots. im preparing to get molested tonite,
it should be fun (hehe). well now i gots to go take a
shower. lata

"This was supposed to be the last time. I told myself, this
wouldnt happen again. I told myself I wasn't ever going to
call you. I told myself I wasn't going to let you back in,
but here I am dialing"