My So-Called Life
2002-03-17 19:55:15 (UTC)

"Life is a game, and true love..

"Life is a game, and true love is a trophy." - Rufus

What a true true quote. The man is both a genius for words,
and a beautiful voice all in one.
As I sit here coughing up whatever has infected me, I begin
to think about love...again. Really, thinking about it does
me no good what-so-ever. I have lost faith in my
I will let you all in on a little secret of mine... I am
the most superstitious person you will ever meet. Honestly.
Let's see, here's a sinario.
Tuesday, I am in Art class and I decide that I need to put
my hair up because it may get in the paint or clay or
whatever we are working with at the time. So, I put it up
in a dainty little bun-thingy. That Tuesday turns out to be
just a wonderful day! Wonderful, I tell you, wonderful!!
Wednesday, I put my hair up before school. Here's the
thing - the reason I put it up is because I actually think
that since I had my hair up the day before, and it was a
good day, maybe if I put my hair up again it will be
another good day.
Anyways. That is what I ment by my "superstitions".
I have lost faith in them, nothing ever comes of them, and
they very seldom work at all. So, I have every bit of
confidence that no matter what I do, I cannot change
whatever path my ... err ... relationship-thing is going.
It is too depressingly true, that true love is a trophy. At
least that is what I have to hold onto at the moment.

By the way - Wednesday turned out a very shitty day.