so yeah, life sucks
2002-03-17 19:27:14 (UTC)


ok so yeah as you read before ive decided (once again) to
free myself of Dianne
she was once the only love in my life but turned to hate
later on
long story summed up in 2 hours go watch "boys and girls"
with that girl from "the rock", her name in that movie was
jade, damn good lookin too
the other guy was some person i think he was in "shes all
that" either way the same thing happend between me and
dianne(w/o the sex part only the same results)
we stopped talkin after that for almost 9 months and then
suddenly we were bf/gf so wtf?
i nearly killed a innocent girl to be with dianne and now
me and her a broken again,
that was about 1/2 years ago
the innocent girl is names jackie lau if you should ever
want to look her up
she was a damn cutie, my loss oh well
either way, life sucks as it is
gotta work soon then im stayin over a friends house
talk to you next week if anyone reads this