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a thought in the mind of her
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2002-03-17 19:22:32 (UTC)

lost another one...

it is 11:13 AM 3/17/02 and it is officialy a fact that my
dog duchess is gone. it must have happened las night
because she wasn't with me when i went to sleep as she
usually is. i thought she was with one of my sisters, but
it turns out that she was with neither of them last night.
a while back i was in the living room watching tv, and i
heard a "scratch scratch scratch" on the door, i go on over
and open the front door, and duchess comes trotting in all
happy like no bodies business, without a coller or a
license. that kinda tripped me out cuz: "how the heck did
she get outside?" well important thing is, she came back.
unfortunatly, (and very stupid of me) i didn't put her
coller back on. so now that she's out again, i fear that
she will never come back. since it is fact that she got out
some how last night, what if she came "scratch scratch
scratching" on the door last night, but since we were
pretty much all in different parts of the house, and most
likly sleeping, we didn't her, so she left, and now she
figures never to come "scratch scratch scratching" on our
door ever again!....

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