El Diablo
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2002-03-17 19:19:42 (UTC)

Long time :-)

Dear diary,

Havent written for some time now..... well nothing muh to
say i guess. Did a lot of thinking thought, over some
things told to me over the past few days, and finally
decided that i will let go (thanks again linda dear ....i
hope it works out for you too :-) keep a "high chin" ).
I read somewhere that ---- (love teenager = poet)and
(love scientist = philosopher) he he ......whoever wrote
that must have really seen it happen. I laughed at it when
i first read it cuz i thought it was silly and now all i
can do is "smile" :-D cuz i know that its true ........
here is my latest contribution to the crazzzy world of
poetry :

jab chahat ki aag apane hi sholon main jal kar raakh ho
tab aashiq us raakh ko kahan chupayen, kahan le jayen,
kahan dabayen............
phool se naazuk the wo haseen pal......
Ab hame tadpane bar bar kuyn yaad aayen, kuyn yaad
aayen,kuyn yaad aayen......

chupadi hain humne har wo nishani,
jo yaad dilati hai hume hamari naadani....
kuyn na ban saki hamari bhi, auron jyese pram kahani,
sooch sooch kar hoti hain hame ghambhir haerani.....

ab kisi ko na chahoo etana,
yea ek baat sooch kar......
kya us mein bhi wo himmat hain pyar karne ki,
aak saath aage bhadne ki, jamane ko peeche chood

darte the hum pahele,
kame na rahajaye hamare mein koye.....
par baad pata chala ki,
kame hum main nahi...... zamane main thi koye......

hum ab tak dekhte aaye,
sheeche ke aayene main sirf apane aap ko.........
par paheli baar nazar aaye hame uski haalat,
jab maan ke sheeche se dekha uske dard ko.........

ab kahane ko kuch raha nahi,
geena hoga aage sooch kar "yahi hai sahi....."
andhere main sulagta tha jo roshani ka ek diya.......
Ek hi pal main zamane ne kuyn bujha deya ???

I know...i know .....its in hindi. but i cant help it.
thats the mood i was in :)

i have made a decision. after i get my bachlors, i will
stop my studies for a while. Will concentrate on my job and
on writing that book of mine. ya know.... "the mind - from
man to machine" or did i forget to mention that. Its
supposed to be a book on an algorithm for artificial
intelligence. Lets see if the world is going to see the
real "Terminator" later this year. he he

Well i finally managed to achieve some ground in my "senior
thesis project" today...... i am working on simulating a
secure e-commerse transaction over the internet..... i
managed to send a customers encrypted credit card
number :) :) :) yaaaaaaaaaaaaaeh (its only a 64bit
encryption though :( )

My college had shifted to the most pathetic place....out in
the middle of nowhere... in the sense that no bus goes
there directly ... and my car got a busted radiator
yesterday..... so my sweetheart was sick in the hospital
all day today. A day without my jaaneman is like a day
without Oxygen. sent her a get well soon card ...and the
hospital sent me my BILL ... Damn, shes expensive to live
with ..... but welllll worth every penny. :) will be
getting my darling back tomorrow morning.
so i had to skip college today. cuz a "friend" was supposed
to drop me at 7:00 and calls me at 6:30 to tell me she
cant!!! (thanks a lot suj)

Well thats all i can think of for today......

Untill next time .... adiose amigo .....astalavista
baby ..... sayonara compadre.....

-El diablo

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Providing developers and businesses with a reliable, easy-to-use cloud computing platform of virtual servers (Droplets), object storage ( Spaces), and more.