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2002-03-17 16:17:36 (UTC)

Saturday night - hero of streets

Saturday night I saw a motorcycler deliver from that
company. I asked him for that other motocycler and about
contact number. After any enemies tried to put me wrong I
got the phone number. I preach him about kind of employees
he has. I asked him to take actions. If he did not take it
I will take other actions like boycotting his pizza
delivering. I would make marketing about other company and
against unfair service.
Today is Sunday and I will see and just ignore the struggles
of enemies.
I am a hero of streets of my home town. The gym muscle
people could do anything those nights. They are cowards.
Only me a single writer of on line journal or diary did it.
I do not have a red layer or red boots just because my
mommy did not make it for me yet ; )

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