the Humble

Long Exile
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2002-03-17 18:41:06 (UTC)

on church

Sunday. Just another Sunday. The Sabbath. Never really
cared much about it. I've always held that most organized
religions are a farce, pure and simple.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against religion or
God. I'm a simple deist. I believe that religion brings
hope and a form of unity. Only, people are swayed too much
by it. They are victims to the church. The Roman Catholic
church has ALOT of blood and hyprocrisy on its hands
(*points to Middle Ages*), and few of the major religions
fare much better. Except for the Buddhists.

And what is with the whole strictness thing? Why would God
deny us things just for the sake of denying it to us? So
what if we eat meat at Lent? So what if fasts are broken
during Ramadan? So what if we eat pork?

God didn't bring up those rules. The Church did. So what
if people don't see Genesis has a true fact. It was
written hundreds of years ago. Why does the Church always
want to have to make excuses for it? One reason: they
operate by propoganda, and undermining religious beliefs,
in any, shape, or form, they see as undermining its power.

I feel I have a sort of relationship with God. I've always
tried to be a good person. That's all we really need. To
sit down with our bibles or our Torahs or our Korans, and
sit quietly at our tables and simple interpret them
ourselves. Maybe, once in a while, go out and meet others
like ourselves to take about what we've read. With the
Church: they tell you what you've read, and that's just not