a little piece of me
2002-03-17 18:28:59 (UTC)

back from spring break

well, i'm back! got back last night, actually, but was way
too tired to write. so, here goes. this could end up a
little long. not sure yet.

it took us 11 hours to drive to louisiana. not a bad drive
at all. we each drove about a 4 hour shift. we got there,
and the weather was beautiful, even though it was 8:00 at
night. our motel was a little getto, but it was cool.
elizabeth ran into someone she knew from here at the
motel. how freaky. there were some guys staying a couple
rooms down from us...they were nuts. they kept their door
open waiting for us to come by. they even invited us to
get drunk with them. nice offer, but we had other plans
hehe. first night we just kinda unpacked and relaxed.
driving can be tiring.

next day we were up bright and early and headed off to the
french quarter. let me just say, oh my god! everything
was so awesome. we spent all 3 days in the french
quarter. there was just so much to do there! the first
day we took a river boat cruise thingy on the mississippi.
took about 2 hours. so pretty! the rest of the day we
wandered around...mostly on decatur street. we ate at
bubba gumps...so good. it was a little crazy...there were
liquor shops everywhere, and people were allowed to drink
outside! everyone was walking around with either a beer or
some other alcoholic drink. insane.

the second day was more wandering around. did a little
shopping. that night was awesome. we got dressed up,
headed off, and got drunk. i had a strawberry daquiri,
this thing called a witches brew (lots of vodka...kicked my
ass), and this monstrous hurricane...with lots more hard
liquor. i was pretty drunk (drank all those within an
hour). we took a carrage ride around the french quarter.
would have been interesting if i was sober enough to
comprehend the little history lesson the driver gave us.
lol, it was great, though. later, this black dude kept
hitting on me, then asked me to go get high with him. it
was funny.

next day we went on a walking tour and visited some of the
behind the scenes stuff. we also went to the cemetary.
that was the coolest thing ever. there was a voodoo priest
out there worshiping the grave of marie louveau (voodoo
priestess). he had a snake around his neck, and was a
little psychic (he told a guy not to take his pic before
the guy even had his camera out...the guy asked how he knew
he was going to take it, and the voodoo guy said he was a
little psychic). kinda creepy, but awesome. the graves
were above ground. i took about a million pictures. they
were just so cool. we wandered around more, and had an
amazing time. god it was great.

there is a huge goth population down there. one day i wore
a spiked collar and my punisher shirt, and about 5 people
came up to me and started talking to me. some beautiful
goth boy told me he liked my collar. it was great! i
found this awesome leather store, too. it was called
gargoyles. i could have spent a thousand dollars easy in
there. they had some killer boots. my size was out of
stock, but i got their web page and will order some later.
i think i have to move there instead of atlanta. i would
feel so much more at home. i loved it there.

we drove overnight to florida. not a bad drive. i slept
most of the way. got to fl, where it was scorching hot!
we unpacked, then went to the beach for the entire day. i
had my huge ass pants on, but rolled them up and fell
asleep on the beach. unfortunately, i was out for about an
hour, and my shade moved. the backs of my legs got burned
really bad...i even had blisters. lots of aloe and pain
killers took care of that hehe. the water was cold, but
the air was awesome...warm and breezy. i spent most of the
day just laying back and chilling...so did jessie and

the next day we went to orlando to islands of adventure.
they had some awesome roller coasters there. elizabeth
didn't like them, but jessie and i did. we rode the hulk 3
times. it was great. we spent the entire day there. then
we walked around outside on this thing called the city
walk. lots of little shops and stuff out there. very cool.

our third and final day we went to busch gardens. so damn
cool! we went on a safarri ride thing, where we drove
through open fields of animals. this giraffe walked right
up to our car! it was so cool. met some interesting
people there. i was dressed like a total freak. i had
this shirt on that said 'serial killers are people too'.
you wouldn't believe how many people were offended by
that! it was great. i had on lots of spikes and stuff,
too. got some pretty weird looks. wouldn't have been a
problem at all in new orleans. i really want to move

then, we drove to nashville. on the way, we stopped in
atlanta to eat at fado's (my mom and i had been there over
the summer...awesome irish pub). there was some party
going on there and it was really crowded. still had
awesome food. getting out of atlanta was a mess. there
was an accident, so it took us almost 2 hours to get to
chattanooga. crazy. we pretty much went straight to bed,
got up, and headed back here. we got back to my parents
pretty early.

overall, it was a killer trip. i spent way too much money,
but i had a blast. i would do it again in a heartbeat.
i've left so much out, but this is getting really long, so
i'm gonna quit now. missed everyone! hope to hear from
you all soon.