My Teenage Life
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2001-05-14 16:27:21 (UTC)

"U know she don't give a shit, aagghh"

Well I aint wrote for a few days cos i've been at me nans
and i coudln't be bothered writing last night :)

LFC - FA Cup Champs!! Yaaaaaaaay!
Anyway, now that's out of me system..lol

I haven't spoken to Aon since, like, Thursday!!! :( that's
sooooooo unfair! I emailed him on friday before I went to
my nans though and asked him to text me once at the weekend
so he did, on saturday night. I was made up

Oo yeh, the title of this, Im just obsessed with Me and My
Old Lady by the Offspring at the mo, Just the way it
goes "aagghh" but i dunno how to spell it properly lol

2 proper days of school left!!! woah that's scary.
Ashley wasn't in today :( I cud not believe it!!!!! there's
like, 2 days left now and then I won't see him properly
until september when I go back to 6th form! I Wanted to
look at that lovely face one more time (lol) so im hoping
hoping hoping that he's in tomorrow or wednesday! I might
take a picture of him on the sly like some big saddo seeing
as im taking pics of all me mates in my year.

It's weird writing this, I just write it as if I'm talking
to this one person who i don't know, even though no-one
even reads this!
Apart from Aon, Yeh, he actually reads this! (See, i told u
we had a good friendship lol)
Hi Aon *Wave* *hug*, ur the only person reading this anyway

Also, I never get any stupid feedback! Please, someone just
send me a message saying it's poo or somehting, I just want
a message lol

Goddd, Although Ashley weren't in, I Still managed to see
mohammed :( he made some stupid comment so i was like "haha
aren't u soooo funny?" as i walked past, he does my head in
and I'm dyin to just smack him everywhere, a few of my lad
mates wanna do that for me, but I aint gonna let them, Cos
i dont want no proper trouble.
Plus, the last time a lad battered another lad for me, was
when Jonny battered this lad called Andrew.

It was when I was in yr 10, and Jonny was my boyfriend in
year 11. In his class was this lad called Andrew who i
spoke to and so did Jonny but him and jonny werent mates.
Anyway, one night, my mate kev came and knocked so we went
out, and we bumped into andrew. So he came with us. Jonny
wasn't there because he was staying in doing coursework.
So anyway, Andrew was bein a proper prick to me, he was
just making all comments about my chest and similar stuff
which i won't go into.
You wouldn't think Andrew had liked me for years and been
asking me to go out with him!!!!
So yeah, I was quite upset and then said I was going in, so
Kev said he'd walk me home. Andrew went home himself, when
Kev and I were alone he said how annoyed he was at Andrew
and that he'd been dying to just hit him. He said that if i
didn;t tell Jonny, he would. I didn't want any trouble so
decided not to tell Jonny.
When I got in, Jonny had phoned me, so I phoned him back.
He could tell something was wrong with me and when there's
something up with me and someone keeps asking me what's
wrong, I end up getting upset. So i started crying! and
told him about what had happened - he flipped. He always
came into school late, but said he was coming in early the
next day. I tried to convince him to leave it, but he was
having none of it.
The next morning, I came in early (i always was early back
then) and saw Jonny standing outside his registration room.
I spoke to him for a few minutes, then he said he was going
in the room - no-one else was in there. As he did, Andrew
walked around the corner. He saw me standing by the door
and said Hi to me but i ignored him, he walked into the
room and I just heard this table crash so I ran down the
corridor. It really got to me. I went to registration. My
friend Simon came in a bit later and said he'd just seen
JOnny and Andrew. He said that Andrew's nose was proper
busted and that Jonny had blood on his shirt (from andrews
nose) I Was like oh no. They'd been getting led off by
teachers. I went to my first lesson, and the head of year
11 walked in half way through it and I knew it was to come
and get me, I was really worried. So he took me to his
office and asked me everything that had happened, he was
saying stuff like that Andrew was totally wrong to do what
he did but I shouldn't resort to getting my boyfriend onto
him! I felt like screaming "I DIDNT GET MY BOYFRIEND ONTO
HIM, I TOLD HIM NOT TO!" but just nodded my head. I then
found out that Jonny was suspended, for about a week. I
Felt guilty and upset that he'd been suspended because of
me. But Jonny had turned into a hero at school and everyone
was made up with him. I saw him just before he went home
and told him I felt bad but he said it was fine and he
didnt care that he was getting suspended. Then he went and
Andrews twin bro came over to me telling me that he was
going to get Jonny back. Everyone laughed him off because
he isnt a good fighter or anything, but I was worried he
might get someone else, but everyone said not to worry
because he had no mates who were "good fighters." But then
I found out that he'd been shit stirring to the "hardest"
lad in their year, who had been mates with jonny, and
gotten him against Jonny. I Was really worrying and felt so
guilty, I cried when I went home! It was a nightmare time,
even though Jonny kept re-assuring me it was fine and he
didn;t care about anything and that he was glad he'd gotten
Andrew back. In the end, The "hard" Lad realised that john
was a liar and no-one "got Jonny back" so it was ok in the
end, even though Jonny was permanently disliked by his form
teacher from then on because Jonny'd broke his finger when
he tried to seperate them.
So basically, I've never let anyone "batter" anyone for me
ever since, it causes too much trouble and i don't totally
agree with violence - I've only had one fight in my life.

Anyway, I had an ok weekend, went to steph's most of the
time. Steph is my mate by my nans. Well on friday I came
home early to watch they think it's all over and the
wrestling! we had pizza and ale b4 I went home though (our
kinda weekly tradition - well fortnightly cos that's how
often i go) Was quite amused at They think it's all over
when found out Stefan Iversen's parents are called Odd and
Bente, thought it was a joke at first.

On saturday, went to stephs to watch the cup final, drank
from kick off til night - ahhh, nice lol. Then on sunday
just lazed for the avvy and went to stephs before coming

Next weekend, I might be meeting Neil on the saturday, then
going out on saturday night in end of school celebrations
and then to Anfield on Sunday with Steph for "Allstars"
match which includes people from Hollyoaks, Brookside and
Dream Team. Me and Steph are hoping Steve from Brookside's
there, I reckon he will be though.

Had cooooool dream about Aon the other day and a cooler
dream about Dave Grohl on friday night!
Dave Grohl one included a kiss on the lips from the great
one himself, I Was like woooooooo! lol oh well, we can all
live in dream worlds if we like can't we??
and we were just really good mates.
The Aon one was only cool cos he was in it, it wasn't cool
that he went off with someone else who he didnt know cos
he'd rather hang around with her, it was a middle aged
woman too :(

Still waiting to see the video for Waiting by Green Day,
they filmed it about a month ago now.

awwwww, backstreet boys, the one and only pop group i like
are splitting up eh? aww.

wooooooo only 4 months tops til i go c aon! I cant wait!
It's gonna be great, im gonna hug him forever and
sorry, ignore me.

yaaaay ronnie o'sullivan's on A Question Of Sport tonight!
woo! Im taping it so i can watch it whenever I want like
some big sad sad person.

I noticed b4 that My Hero is on later too - i love that,
ardol O'Hanlon RULES! BUt i didnt know it was back on or

Anyway, Im gonna go listen to weezer, the sweater song's me
fave song at the mo.

One more thing though, Undertaker is gonna beat Stone Cold
Steve Austin next sunday at judgement day for the WWF
title ;-) :-p
I'll see ya'll soon


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