bea jueb

Pretty As As Pretty Does
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2002-03-17 11:15:47 (UTC)

Past History...

You have probably guessed by now what has happened in my
life. The story, believe me, is a bit more twisted and
complicated than it seems on the surface.

I won't post it here all at one time. But it is there,
lurking. It exists.

Nobody, just so you understand, has been punished for this,
nor are they likely to be, nor am I gunning for that.

They say that when a signifigant event occurrs to a child,
the child is 'frozen' emotionally at that time. This would
explain why, in the fiction I write, that I have most of my
characters abandoned or hurt at an age between 5 and 10.
It is something to think on....

"That's me in the corner/thats me in the spot.light.loosing
my religion./I think I've said enough./I havent said

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