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2002-03-17 11:10:25 (UTC)

An answer

Two entries ago I left you with the question:

What is worse than rape?

The question answers itself in the movie. But, again, I
don't reccomend you see the movie, so I will answer it here.


Some people out there are screaming that no, no that isn't
worse than rape. Unfortunately, they would be both right
and wrong.

Let me lay this out for you.

What if you were raped? What if the person who you turned
to AFTER you were raped, to help get you through the
situation - or at least help understand the situation -
told you that it didn't happen. What if that same person
told you that it was a story you made up.

Now what if that person told other people that you made it

What if the person you trusted and needed to help you
through the situation told the person who raped you that
you made it up?

Go over it again. Start at point A. Think there, point
there with your mind. You'll see it, eventually.