bea jueb

Pretty As As Pretty Does
2002-03-17 11:05:23 (UTC)

The Mutilations Of Trust

Trust is a MAJOR issue with me. You have my trust until
you lie, steal, cheat, or do anything I really don't
approve of. I have met few people I have trusted

My husband and his ex girlfriend are on that list.

It's a very short list.

But even then I don't trust everything they say or do.

For instance:

When I met my husband, MacMurry, for the first time he was
going out with Spring. My oldest sibling told me he was
going out with Spring. When I first talked to him he said
he had just broken up with someone.

Then I met Spring. I wasn't sure I was going to like her
but I did TRUST her. Odd that. Interestingly enough she
says she never went out with him, never dated him. They
weren't really a 'couple', she said.

After MacMurry's initail conversation about her, MacMurry's
story changed from 'I just broke up' to 'we were just

They both hold to this story to this day.

What neither or them know is that I have read the letters
they wrote back and forth to each other (cleverly hidden in
a box of receipts), and I have seen 2 pictures that tell a
different story.

Worse, and you'll love this, his family even believed he
was going out with her. On a family gathering, his FATHER
called my by her name.

But still, I know I can trust them. Ironic, isn't it?

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