Dirty Fractyl
2002-03-17 09:37:42 (UTC)

For starters, I hate other people's pets

Yeah, I really do damn it. Other people's pets generally
suck ass. I especially hate cats. I think I would rather
own a pet, uh, snake?, than a cat. At least snakes are
badasses. Cats just are evil, and they are messangers of
Lucifer. I know for certain that cats go to hell. Where
do you think the phrase or term "hellcat" came from.
Anyway, enough about the fucking pets already.

Ugh, now i recall why i drink beer instead of liquor...:-X

Goddammit Buckshot, stop hazing me.

"I wish i had an aubrey and natalie in my room to make me
laugh every day."

That's from Aubrey's info. Aubrey, we're going to have a
contest to see who can haze the other person the worst in
one minute when I come up for Deke creek. So, start
preparing. The only rule is that there will be no nasty
things done; you know, the stuff Dekes do that won't even
be mentioned. The only hazing will be verbal or
demonstratory--no other kinds of hazing allowed. Plus, I
don't want you being a badass and just kicking my ass ;)

I want to go home. I miss, uh, fuck. I don't miss
anything. I still want to go home, though.

It's nice that white women are considerate enough to shave
their pits for us.

If you don't like me, I'll blaze blaze me,
nothing more nothing less, and I'm willin' to confess
you'll be the best I ever test... --DMX


My nikes are clean again.

My feet are dry.

My feet are dry in my clean nikes.

Ain't nobody dope as me, I'm just so fresh and, so fresh
and so clean clean...Don't you think I'm so sexy? I'm just
so fresh and so fresh and so clean clean...--Outkast

I miss my stud earring. Damn it.

I ain't balled in 7 days.

I have had fun made of me this trip for my occasional usage
of the word ain't. Stupid northern honkies. Gringos.
Whatevah! :mad: (Espero que lo haya vistaba, mi favorita
prima Daniela!! :) ) Además, gracías para me entendiste
la otra noche porque casi nadie sabe cómo me afectaron las
mujeres y con mi mente está entre los dos...Siempre te
amaré y todos mis besos y abrazos, chica...Tambíen deseo
que puedas ir a los estados pa un poquito dentro de poco
pero yo sé a la misma vez que tu papá es tan dificíl.
Pero, si esperamos hasta que tengas 18 años no importa nada
en que lo dice él. Debes atender la universidad de
Kentucky y vivirias conmigo y aqúien es mi novia en la
futura...jeje...y yo sé sin duda alguna si no hay
nadie...jaja...un chistecito de una manera :) te quiero ;)

I would not mind if I had my sketch pad at the moment.
Damn it to hell, I mutter yet again.

I am going to go sneak outside quietly (without waking my
aunt, who sleeps as lightly as my mom; I swear they can't
be asleep if they wake that easily, I digress) to smoke a
cigarette. Then I am going to come back in and be lazy,
but not to to sleep, because that is what I do.

George W. is a disgrace.

I would have voted Teddy K. I am putting my boy Teddy in
his own party next year and running a third party. Teddy

Reporting: Buckshot
Date: 18 March, early AM hours, 2002

This incident follows Haze Experience of Service Providers
in the Food Industry Case #1 which was the hazing of a
phone answering man at Papa John's in Kentucky.

Rockfort, Ill.; 11:30am-12:45am
I hazed the living hell out of our waitress the other night
in Rockfort at the restaurante we went to. First, I ashed
in a cup that I took of a nearby table until she brought me
an ashtray, to which she replied that she would now be
forced to clean it. I made no attempt to appologize as I
proceeded to ash and the floor, and THEN ask if that was
all right. She said it was. I ashed on the floor for the
next ten minutes until she brought me a bowl in which to
ash. I stared at her cockeyedly and said, "May I ask what
the hell this is?" "A bowl for you to ash in," she replies
with an air of restraint. "I think ashes go in an
ashtrey. Look around." "Well, that's all I had left." I
ash in it and turn my head the other way disgusted, "That's
fine then."

She comes back and I am dumping salt and sugar into my
drink and stirring it. She comes up, "Creating more work
for me?" Sarah replies to her that I am actually drinking
it, which in fact was true. I was preparing myself my own
little haze craze mix. It was pretty nasty. I took a
gulped and smiled up. "Something the matter?"

Then the dumb whore goes to get me coffee. "Oh, How nice
of you to bring a full pot!," I think. The evening was
taking a turn for the way up. "Here's some creamer as you
requested, sir."..."Fan-tas-tic!" She leaves. I open up
the creamer and use the entire allottment or installment or
whatever the fuck we might deem it, the five creamers she
gave me, on my first cup! BITCHWHORE! Could she not have
offered me a vase of milk or would I have to pay extra?
And why the fuck only 5 creamers for a full pot in any case?

She's lucky I wasn't in charge of the tip.

*goes off to smoke a cigarette*

FUCKER! I gotta get a few fo'tiez before I head back to
Florida. They are fucking illegal there! :mad: (