Jena's Rants
2001-05-14 15:13:21 (UTC)

I despise corporate america.

Well, after a fun filled weekend of illegal activities,
debauchery, and tweaked fiends, uh I meant friends........
it get's really hard to walk into the average office of
corporate america and not complete kerk the fuck out. You
know? I dunno, anyway - having a completely awesome time
hanging out with my, uh, well I guess you would call him my
boyfriend.....strange saying that, nevermind. Craziness
and catastrophe have just been so much fun with Ma..., uh
this is the internet, I refuse to release the names of my
friends to the masses that would rip them limb from limb
for their lack of conformity, so instead i shall invent
code names: henceforth my uh, boyfriend (weird!) will be
named Hopinononefoot. Good, my plan takes shape........
He is a great guy, i have not meant anyone who can quite
compare to hopinononefoot, really!!!!!!!! So, maybe this
week will be chill, I damn sure hope so. Getting tired of all
this fucking drama and these lame fake mfr's up in here. I
really need a change of scenery, to get away from all of
this monotony, maybe go to Mexico start up my own Ketamine
factory, sell it to raver kidz, make a fortune and buy a
hot air balloon and fill it with lots of LSD in some type
of gaseous form and release it throughtout the world,
perhaps then we would all chill the fuck out and focus on
something besides the fucking rat race for awhile, like
uh,......the vine growing up my leg.......

Peace Out