worthless lil painslut

my submissive life
2002-03-17 07:29:22 (UTC)

following orders

Master said i needed to learn to follow orders better. He
set me up with an online Domme. At 9pm i was to log into a
specified chat room, turn on my videocam, active the hands
free feature, and wait for her. The rest of the night i
was to do whatever she ordered without question. All would
be reported to Master and punishments administered by him.

i did as instructed. At 9:02 the Domme wrote me "stip to a
bra and panties, place a horse-bit gag tightly in your
mouth, spread your legs wide, write 'cunt' across your
forehead, put your arms behind your head, and wait for
further instructions." i could only guess how many other
people might be able to see my videofeed, but i did not
want to disappoint Master. i did as i was told. For the
next 30 minutes i sat in front of my computer gagged and
drooling with 'cunt' written with red marker across my
forehead waiting for her orders.

Finally more came. "Stand up and pull your panties up high
so they are cutting into you." i gave myself an online
wedgie. It hurt and i felt ridiculous. i had a feeling
that was the point. "Squat." i did. "Lower." i
obeyed. "Remove your bra." i hesitated, anyone could be
watching. "NOW!!!" i did. "Bouce up and down." i
bounced. "You will be punished for that hesitation." "Go
get two clothespins and a ruler, fast." i did. "Rest your
fat tits on the desk in front of your computer, put a
clothespin on each nipple." i did. "Smack the top of your
tits with the ruler, hard." i did. "Harder." "Again."
"Harder." "Again." "Again." "Harder." "Again."
"Faster." i was in tears. "Stop." Relief.

"Do not hesistate again." i won't. "Remove your
panited." i did. "Hold the crotch up to your nose and
inhale deeply." i did. "Reach between your legs and wipe
your juices under your nose." i obeyed. "Turn around,
spread your legs wide, bend over, hold your ass cheeks as
far apart as possible and stay there as you mentally count
to fifty." i turned around, bent over, spread my legs and
held my ass open for all to see. i felt terribly exposed
and dirty. i counted to 50 and turned back around. "You
fat cunt! You better spread those cheeks further than that
or I'll have you shove a baseball bat up your ass! Do it
again and this time to do it better." i was so
embarassed. i swallowed my pride and did it again, this
time holding myself open to the point of pain. "That was

"You are dirty cunt, go get your toothbrush and let us
watch as you clean your little asshole with it." i began
scrubbing my asshole with my toothbrush, angled so i could
read the screen at the same time. "Use a little BenGay."
i added some of the gel to my toothbrush and kept
scrubbing. It burned. "Harder bitch, get the brush in
there deep." i obeyed, it burned more. "Not bad, sit on
the chair with your leg wide open, give your filthy cunt
the same treatment." i sat and began scrubbing my
cunt. "Open those legs wider cunt or you'll be fist-
fucking yourself for all to see." i stretched my legs
further apart. "Use more BenGay, a lot more. We want to
see you squirm." i put a huge glob on my pussy and began
scrubbing, it burned but i was becoming aroused. "Such a
little whore aren't you. While i would love to let all the
world watch you orgasm, you don't deserve one. Stop." i

"Take 5 ice cubes and shove them up your cunt." i did. It
burned and froze at the same time. "Go get a pitcher of
water and start drinking." i began drinking cups of
water. "More." For 10 minutes all i did was drink. "Get
your largest buttplug and insert it, make sure we can
watch." i pointed my ass at my camera as i inserted it. i
needed to pee badly but had no way of asking, i was still
gagged. "Do you need to pee bitch." i nodded. "Good.
Drink another two glasses of water." i slowly
obeyed. "Your too slow slut. Another punishment is
needed." Dread. "Put your nipple clamps on with two pound
weights." i obeyed. "Now give me 10 jumping jacks." i
needed to pee so bad i was afraid i'd have an accident, but
i didn't want to disobey her. i jumped 10 times. "Those
were pathetic you worthless cunt. 10 more and do them
right." i did 10 more. i really had to pee. "What's the
matter, bladder to full?" i nodded. "20 more, high and
loud, I want to hear your hands smack, then you can pee."
i did 20 more with my tits now on fire and ready to fall
off. "Good enough, go get a bucket."

i knew she intended for me to pee with everyone watching.
i got a bucket. "Squat over it, but don't let go yet." i
did as instructed. "Follow my orders carefully now pig or
face the consequences. Pee." i slowly let go and began to
pee. My face burning with embarassment, but i really had
to go. "Stop." The words caught me off gaurd. i
stopped. "You took too long to stop whore. Punishment
time again. Move the bucket out of the way." But i still
really needed to go. Nothing i could do. "Get your paddle
out bad girl." i did. "Face the screen as you smack your
ass for me, i want to see your big tits shake." i smacked
my ass with the paddle. "You better do it a lot harder
than that if you ever want to pee again." i hit
harder. "Harder fat cow!" i hit so hard i almost fell
forward. "Again." "Again." "Louder, i want to hear your
fat ass suffer." "Again." "Again." "Again." i was
crying. i was in so much pain and felt so degraded.

"Stop. Get your bucket." "Squat. Pee." i started peeing
again. "Stop." i stopped. Time passed. "Get a marker
and write 'fat cow' across your tits." i did. "Write
'dirty whore' on your fat stomach." i did. "Go." i began
peeing again. "Stop." The process lasted 5 full minutes
until i was empty. "You know what's next whore, try to
smile through your gag as you dumnp that bucket on your
head." i was mortified. i picked up the bucket and slowly
pour its contents onto my head. i was broken. i was
shaking and crying and never had been so humiliated. "One
last task cunt. I think you're ready to cum for us." No
please, not with people watching. "Get your big fat dildo
and fuck yourself good and hard for us. Let's see what a
worthless whore you really are." i obeyed. i sat facing
the screen and began ramming the dildo into my
cunt. "Harder cunt." "Don't you cum yet, not until i say
so." i held back my impending climax. "Squeeze your
nipples for me as your fuck yourself." "Harder
bitch." "Okay, cum for me." i had the best orgasm of my
life. i almost forgot to turn off the camera before
drifting off to sleep.