Under the starless L.A. sky
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2001-05-14 14:58:59 (UTC)


It started early this morning, while I was still in the
shower, nagging at me in almost a mumble about all my
problems. I realy don't like the repetition of it, the
pouring of salt in the wound mentality of it. But I keep
going on out of rote i guess, walking to the bus, reading
my motercycle handbook for the scedualed test on the 17th,
walking from bus to work, drinking coffee, stealing
internet time, ect. And during all of this it still speakes
to me, loud and clear throu the crappy fog that is my
observation of the real world. What seemes to cut throu its
mantra of worry/murder/suicide is focus. Focus on each step
to the bus, focus on the motercycle handbook, focus on each
step from bus to work, focus on sipping coffee, focus on
stealing time from the bosses.

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