my thought's deep inside
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2001-05-14 13:46:03 (UTC)

blah blah blah

well this weekend i went to my mothers and helped her with
her grass and garden. i think it was a ok weekend i dont
mind helping out were i can, so thats all good. well i have
decided that i am not going to let
this girls age get in the way of me liking her. but i was
talking to Nikki last night and she said well if yoiu like
her as much as you do than dont let her age get in the way
and i said well that really isn't all that i'm worried
aboutit's that she remindes me of that girl i was going out
with and got killed. but i think i'm going to try it what
the hell! so anyway Amy if you read this well that's what
the diary is for isn't it? kidding anyway how was your
weekend? i'll read your diary a little later cause i'm in
class right now! well this weekend coming up i'm going to my
dads. oh yah Amy about how is it going for me in the foster
home well i am going back home in Augest but yah it's going
ok it's a little fucked up and i hate it but i have to be
good so i can go home right so! it's all good. well today is
going ok i think it'll be i good day! nock on wood!nock,
nock! well gotta go buy for now luv yah all

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