The Nightshade Princess
2002-03-17 05:56:17 (UTC)

Temporary insanity

I did not get the chance last night to relate what
happened to me. I am actually having immense fun for once
in a long time. Miranda and I had been wanting to have her
spend the night at my house for quite some time. This
weekend, we finally asked to do this, and it was all OKed
about an hour before she came over. I spent that hour
frantically cleaning everything in my room. I don't know
why I did this... I hadn't cleaned my room in so long it's
ridiculous. After 45 minutes of frantic cleaning, I had
just about finished, and was feeling disheveled and a bit
gross, because my allergies were acting up again. Just as
I went to sit down on the couch, guess who showed up at my
front door, completely unannounced! Derek, my ex b/f of
quite awhile ago, whom I'd not seen since mid January at my
birthday party, and before that, I'd not seen him in what
must have been at least a year. He brought along 2 of his
exes, one whom I know and another whom I'd never met.
This new grrl was actually a lesbian, and a butch one
at that. She is the epitome of ideal chivalry all in a
lovely, blonde package. She's the sort that opens doors
for her g/f's and treats them very very well in general. I
was quite impressed. Anyway, we grrls immediately began
talking and made Derek nervous. Miranda shows up awhile
later, poor thing, to a bunch of people she's never met.
She was so quiet, I was kind of worried. Then, Heather
shows up and desires a night's stay with us as well.
Father OK's this, because Heather is practically his other
Somewhere between the grrls and Derek arriving, and
Miranda finally showing up, my beloved and her... sort of
romantic friend.. - such a hard status to pin down between
them - called and said they wanted to see a movie. The
problem was that their movie wouldn't get out till after
11pm and I did not feel like taxing father in such a way.
Those two ended up coming to our house instead, so really
it was an impromptu party. It was quite wonderful, and I
ended up in a naughty mood which LesTaT only made worse,
and I am NOT complaining!
That eve was insane, due to all the laughing,
tickling, and joking that occured then. LesTaT and
tarantula-head (Matt) had an even more wild night but that
is a LONG story.
Tonight, I had a party to attend. Actually it was
more a tiny gathering of a few friends to celebrate my male
pet freshman's 15hth birthday. It was fun too cuz, well,
there were TWO crazy, open-minded and dirty-minded young
women "stars" there. Really Amanda and I act like rock
stars or movie stars... we just take the stage and much fun
is had.
Tomorrow, the last day of this long weekend, I may be
able to spend with LesTaT, the love of my life! I don't
know, however, because father is actually taking time for
himself to go out boating and tanning. I don't know when
he plans to return, and nor does he, and when he does I
don't know whether or not he will be too tired to take me
over there or what. All shall be straightened out
tomorrow, however. If it is meant to occur, it shall. I
must go now, I did not sleep in today and we were out of
coffee so I'm tired still from last night's excitement, not
to mention this evening's somewhat tame insanity. I must
write my love with what I know of tomorrow's plans, then go
to a much-needed rest.