Meshed Up
2002-03-17 05:54:29 (UTC)

rock songs

things haven't been the same for me. i've been feeling
quite hyperactive for the past two nights. ever since that
concert that is. i just want to go out and go out and go

i finally got the cd by incubus -- 'morning view', along
with the album 'human clay' by creed. it's an old album,
but i've been wanting to get my hands on that thing ever
since it was released. i don't know why it took me this
long to get it ... but at least i do have it now.

creed's going to have a concert here in melbourne on
tuesday to promote their new album. argh i want to go. but
it's a school night and i've spent enough for incubus. i
don't want to spend another 60 dollars in a month. but i do
want to go. creed's a very good band. and i would love to
feel that rush again of standing in the mosh pit, drowning
myself in the music. my friends are thinking of going...i
too am thinking of going. why do concerts have to be so
expensive anyway?!

rock bands are really cool. some people don't understand
the several million people like me who are really into rock
songs and bands. they think rock is just about screaming,
loud drums, defeaning bass guitars and the like. but they
never listen to the words of a rock song. songs that could
be about love, about anger and obsession, about desire and
about anything that makes a person feel alive. rock songs
are extremely poetic and deep. a friend of mine calls them
as 'thinking songs' and thinking songs they are indeed.
some songs make me examine my life once again. some songs
make me think about the things that i hold true to my
heart. and some songs speak out what i think.

i'm not a really heavy-metal person since i still prefer to
listen to bands who really sing than to those who scream. i
can take a few screaming songs, but i wouldn't love it to
death. i wouldn't love it as much as i love incubus, creed,
silverchair, linkin park, our lady peace, dave matthews
band... okay i must stop; i'm sure i'm boring you all to

my life has been pretty stable for the past days. i have
been able to push my worries and problems to the back of my
mind for now. i'm just afraid about the time when they will
come out once again and engulf me...

listening to 'just a phase' by incubus now...can't help but
relive the was one of the greatest experiences
that i've ever had in this life of mine.