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2001-05-14 13:16:57 (UTC)

Getting away is yummy

Well, lemme start by saying manic depression sucks ass, but
its nice to have good times back again. I am on a little
vacation right now (which is why I haven't really written
much in a while), and it was SOOOOOOO nice to got the hell
away for a little bit. Unfortunately, the reality which is
my life at home must once again be lived in 2 days :( But
its all good, I haven't felt this nice in a long time! I
have to start my job when I get back since school is out,
which is not all that bad because I won't be the first to
admit that I need some money. So for the first time in a
while I am gonna try to have some structure to my life. I
had structure for so long early in my life, then it got
weakened and weakened until it crashed this year. Now it
feels like I'm starting back from ground zero, which sucks
because I feel like I've lost myself, but its also good
because building is always done better the second time
through. My dream -- never to have to build again. Damn I
could write so much right now, but I just don't have the
time.... well.... I choose NOT to because I am on a damn
vacation and I don't wanna think about this stuff for
longer than I have to. So, back to my fantasy world I go.
Bis bald.

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