Hannah Rose Cherry

Hannah's Screwed life(go figure)
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2002-03-17 05:19:40 (UTC)

Alison Gorrin

I went to her bat mitzva. I took a long time to get ready
so i would look perfect. Do i look perfect???As my dad was
dirving me there my best friend rachel was talking to me on
my cell phone. Her brother was talking to me too, he's
hott, nice, awsome. I have a bf. Garret, and i dont kno if
he is lying to me or not, i did'nt want to say yes but i
could not help it, he's perfect. But, i dont want to get
hurt again, i cont take anymore depression.I got to the
party and got of the phone with RAchel. I talked untill
they opened the dance floor. There was a band playing
oldies music. i dont like oldies, but i danced with my
friends to it. I put up with it, at least we could dance to
it. slow song comes and i want sum 1 to ask me to dance, no
one does so i ask my friend danny and we dance. then we eat
chineas food. Ive had better. the bat mitzva is in a
country club, very big and fancy. i think to fancy for me.
I want to slow dance with her brother becasue he is cute,
but he only glimpses at me.well, cant remember the rest but
danced a lot and then dad came and i left.

Mary J Blige:"PLay with my emotions"