my pathetic life
2002-03-17 04:23:02 (UTC)

my day

well today i was in the st. patricks day parade. i had to
get up kinda early to make it to school to catch the bus,
but it was ok. it was a big waste of time, it took us
about 30min to get downtown, then we waited for about an
hour, just to march a 1/2 mile. and wearing wool marching
band uniforms in 80ish degree weather isnt my favorite
thing to do. after i got home i was abnormaly tired, i
watched the food network for a while then took a nap (i
never have naps). there was this concert i wanted to go to
tonite but i decided not to go. i thought that i would be
to tired for tomorrow. tomorrow nite is the 311 concert and
it should b a party. eventhough im not sure if one of my
friends is still coming, one of her friends died in a car
accident early friday morning. ya well im out. lata