Corruption in all its beautiful forms..
2002-03-17 03:38:47 (UTC)

chillin whoopty whoop

sittin here, saturday night, just got home its 10:23pm, im
really high, like OMG im freaking out.Im tweakin real bad
and shit, and i have to keep on coming back and deleting
things i typed cuz i cant type right now. I got back from
Newport on the Levee, i went with josh and Chris, we went
and saw resident evil, i bought some braceletts from Hot
Topic, and josh got a hackie sack, i ate some cookies and a
pretzel, we harrased some people, looked around, played
some video games and came home, it was fun, i throughly
enjoyed myself, but that was $50 shot fo real. Now josh is
gone somewhere and im sittin here like what up, bout to get
some chips and dip like what *munch munch* my nipple itches
I HATE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS....ahhh....much better. Man
those chips are screaming at me "EAT ME, EAT ME DAMMIT,
COME ON YOU BITCH"then yesterday right me and josh and
anthony and chris and brian and fucking scott were sitting
in a circle, i was on the puter kinda, they, well i guess
we were all watching porn,and the whole time brians
goin "yeah your a lil slut, you take it in every whole, you
like that bitch dont ya, you whore, take it bitch, take
it"its was great, I LOVED IT...AND FOR THE RECORD HE(I)
yes. yes...YESSSSS...i mean, josh what are you doing down
there. tee hee, im out, gotta bye

Mood:too fucked up to be anything but fuzzy
Song:Build me up buttercup-punk cover