The meanderings of a mind
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2001-05-14 07:26:26 (UTC)


I'm sore. Sometimes I hate being a girl. I wonder
what It would be like to be a guy. If I got some weird
kind of a wish and was a guy for a day, with my luck I
would be stuck in a body with a 24 hour erection. Oh joy.
I finnally got my computer set up in my room. Now I will
never leave. I can't decide if I miss school or not. When
I go somewhere with my roommate she says lots of things
that hurt my feelings and of course this is obvious, but
she says she only does it cause she misses living with me
and pestering me. She makes fun of the way I drive, when
she drives NO better. If I stop closer than a mile from
the car in front of me she yells that I am too close. I
can blame that on bad breaks. What is it that makes her
run up over the curb? A faulty steering wheel? She laughs
when I don't park in the closest parking spot there is.
What is so wrong with walking? Perhaps best friends
shouldn't live together...

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