~*Diary Of A Lost Soul*~
2001-05-14 03:02:01 (UTC)

5/13/01 10:58pm

Wow... I had an incredible day... for real. Went to the
Edgefest... God it was fucking awesome! I loved it! Factory
81 was way kick ass! And Disturbed, man they fucking ruled!
I had a fucking awesome time. And during Staind David
Draiman from Disturbed was like standing right in front of
me watching Staind & I held my hand out & he touched
it!!!!! I touched DAVID DRAIMAN!!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!! Man
this was a day well needed... took my mind off of
everything. I'll tell ya, there is nothing quite like being
in a big crowd of fellow metal fans rocking out to some
kick ass live music. It's total freedom... It's fucking
amazing. Wish I could do it more often. My soul is made of
heavy metal... Heavy metal is who I am.
: :Rachel: :

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