Sporty Tomboy

2002-03-16 21:17:54 (UTC)


bigmac6710: who are u?
Veronica: who are you, that is the question.
bigmac6710: bob
Veronica: seriously?
Veronica: my boyfriend is named bob.
Veronica: nice to meet you.
Veronica: i'm a transvestite named veronica.
bigmac6710: really??
Veronica: yes.

Bob: bitch, leave my woman alone
bigmac6710: hahaah
bigmac6710: is ur name bob
Bob: yeah, whats it to you?
Bob: you better leave her alone, mother fucker
Bob: im fixing to get laid tonight and i dont want anything
but me to be on her mind
bigmac6710: what u gonna do??
bigmac6710: if i dont
bigmac6710: u gonna come over here and find me
Bob: fucking kill you
Bob: you pile of russian dog shit
Bob: what kinda fucking name you got anyway?
Bob: bigmac, you dreaming of shit to eat you pile of
trailor trash
bigmac6710: befors u try to hurt me... asl?
Bob: 21 m ny
Bob: that satify you, bitch
bigmac6710: hahahaha
bigmac6710: so u gonna fly halfway across the world to come
and get me
Bob: dude, i will do anything i damn well please, i have
more money than you will ever imagine of havving

bigmac6710: is this ur bf
bigmac6710: S mARks 197Lb
Veronica: yes thats my bobby huney
bigmac6710: fuck him
bigmac6710: he imed me and told me if i dont stop talking
to hyou he is gonna come and kill me
Veronica: He said he was going to kill me if i talk to you
again and... he beats me.