Kat's Amazingly Wonderful Diary
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2002-03-16 20:26:21 (UTC)

I think I'm in Love!

Dear Diary,
I'm not generally a fickle person, but when I went to my
school's talent show last night, I completely fell for one
of my friends, Brandon. He was playing the guitar and
singing for the show, and I just sat there watching him,
each moment falling more and more for him. I knew he could
sing, but I didn't know that his voice had that kind of
effect on me. It sucks, cause he and I are kind of close,
and this is going to make things really awkward. My
friends are all into him now too, but I have the advantage
because he's actually my friend. I don't know what to do
about this. If anyone has any suggestions, don't hesitate
to tell me!

I need help,

Oh, btw, I know this shouldn't really go in my diary, but
Sabrine, Shane is SO mine.