Yellow Angel

Larmes d'un ange
2001-05-14 02:24:47 (UTC)

May 13, 2001 #2

Well, it's mother's day and I spent no time with my
mother. That was kind of mean of me huh? I don't know. I
woke up this morning and no one was here and I wanted to go
to Dylan's party. I went about 2 hours early and played
with Zachary in the jumpy thing for a while. It was
fun :) The picture people also called me. I have an
interview with them on Wednesday at 5. I don't really know
what to say to the job people because I want both jobs. I
really do but I can't be like well, I need set hours
because they are a mall and they don't do that. You know
what I'm saying? I would love to work Monday, Wednesday,
Friday, and Saturday nights at Lane Bryant, and then
Tuesday and Thursday days, and every other sunday....and
the oppisite at the Picture People. like work from 4 to
10, and then 9 to 3. I would love to work everyday, and
have no free time. I would hate it but I would also love
it. You know what I'm saying? I am going to talk to both
managers about it. I am just going to be like, I go to
college and because of a little problem I had with a
threat, my grades suffered a little bit and my scholarships
were lost so I would like to work both jobs so that I can
pay for school without taking out loans. I'm also looking
to see which stores are at school. I know that there is a
picture people out there and I could work there during the
week at school, and then come home on weekends and work at
the one at home. That would be great! I think I would
much rather work there than I would at Lane Bryant. I
would work all the time too. I would work from 9 to 9 if
they needed me too, and just take off a few days. And it's
at the better mall. I like the Peasant Lane better...I
think I am going to go with that one more than Lane
Bryant. I don't even know if I want the job at Lane
Bryant. I don't know. I'm soo confused now. BLAH!

I have my physics final tomorrow. I am going to fail it.
David came over to help me with it today, but I don't know
if it helped much. He made everything seem so easy but
that the same time, I wasn't sure of what he was saying.
He knows too much...and I think that is his problem but doesn't matter...

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