Life as I know it.
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2001-05-14 01:56:30 (UTC)

First Day of this thing.

After seeing a friend's diary the other day online, I
decided to create my own as a way to vent and such. So here
it goes (mind you I have not kept a diary in years).

A little about myself, I am 21 years old and entering my
last semester of college in the fall, I cannot wait til this
is all over. Working, paying rent and bills, going to
school...at least with school that is one less thing on my

Today was mother's day so I spent the day with my mom, all
went well.

Last night my boyfriend and I had a huge fight, they are
coming too close together and getting worse and worse...he's
insecure (and why no those arent my words, those are his)
and he keeps questioning me if I want to be with him....WHAT
THE F*CK? If I didnt want to be with him, I wouldnt. So he
called me today and left a message when I was out on my
machine and things are temporarily okay. We both have
issues we need to get over, but he is the first guy I can
honeslty say I have ever loved in my life, so I am
determined to make this work. Im sure that a lot of my
entries are going to be about us, because, well, he is a big
part of my life...(eventhough he feels he isnt!).

Ugh I have to get up at 6am tomorrow to work...not cool at
all, I need a job where i can wake up at 3pm and such....but
such is life, I make decent money for a college girl and I
am out by 5pm so I shouldnt complain.

Right now I should be cleaning my apartment because my
roommate comes back this weekend, but you know what? NONE
OF IT IS MY MESS!!!! She said we should split the work, but
sorry, I am never here and none of the mess is mine!!! And
she drinks all my mt dew, dont F*CK with my caffeine! I
need it to you know, live...nothing like a glass of Mt Dew
and a nice cancer stick first thing in the morning....

...Speaking of ciggs I need to buy some, Im out. I'm too
lazy to walk up the street and pick up some. That is truly
pathetic. And tomorrow I think I can put the check my old
roommate wrote me for past bills in the bank, I will have
cash once again....only to be mailed out to the lovely
utility people. GRRRRRRRR....you think me being in college
and paying way too much for my pretty ghetto apartment would
be enough? No, of course not.

Well, if anyone is reading this, I am sorry to have put you
half asleep...some day this thing might get interesting.

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