ThiS guRliEs LiFe
2001-05-14 00:43:49 (UTC)

Gee, thanks Dad, I love you too...

You know what mai daddy just said to meeh? He told meeh
that the only reason that mai mom and him are still
together is because of us (mai sister and I). He says that
if it wernt for us, hed be gone. He also said that the only
reason he stays with us is kuz of school. Now, I dont kow
how him being here and bitching at me 24-7 helps me in
school, but he seems to think it does. He told meeh that if
I ever flailed a class, hed be gone. (Looks like Im gonna
stop doing mai work for a while.) I wonder if he realizes
what he just said. To meeh, hes saying he doesnt love meeh
or mai sister anymore. Just think about it. If I failed a
class, hed leave. Just like that... one F and hes outta
here. Its like he wouldnt have a problem with it or
anything. He wouldnt miss us... hed be able to forget about
us and start a new life with that woman hes been seeing.
He thinks I dont kow about her. Ive known since I was 8. Im
17 now. Hes not very good at covering things up.
Oh gee, that was mai 1st entry on this diary and Im all
emotional... I have another diary on teenopendiary.com, but
everyone knows who I am on there and ppl from mai school
read that stuff. I dont want them to know that part of
meeh. Everyone thinks Ive got this perfect life with a
perfect family, but they dont know that mai life is far
from perfect... VERY far... and I dont want them to know
either. If they knew how I really feel, theyd think
different towards me. I dont want them to. I want them to
know meeh as the happy meeh... okei Im not making any
sense. Oh well. Its not like ppl are really gonna read