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2002-03-16 18:19:51 (UTC)

emily is here. i have to get..

emily is here. i have to get ready to go to work soon. i
dont want to go. i have a lot that i want to write about.
but i dont have the time.
shannon you need to write me. i dont like the way we left
off last time we talked and i want to hear from you. so
please do.
oh wait.
yeah you told me you dont read this anymore...because its
makes you sad. i dont know how i feel about that so much.
supposedly im going to the beach tomorrow. maybe tonight? i
am so not a beach kind of girl. but...it makes her happy
and, why not right. so yeah, ill be at the beach tomorrow.
getting burned. and dirty. =)
i work with jen tonight. yay.
sandy is supposed to come in town tonight. i hope her
flight and everything works out the way its supposed to.
i am sleepy.