even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
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2002-03-16 16:50:48 (UTC)

peanut butter and jelly swirl? bad idea

so all while i was growin up i wanted to buy that peanut
buuter and jelly thats swirled togehter, but my mom never
let me, so yesterday i bought some, and i made aum a
sandwich and i think it really sucked, and it kind of made
me really sad.. i had htis great expectations for this
stuff, just cause id never had it and it hought that maybe
she woulsnl;t let me get it, even thought it really WAS
good, but.. i was severely dissapointed... it really made
me sad.. im gonna try it for breakfast and thne, im gonna
try another brand, and htn ei give up if it syill sucks...
cuh cry...
also.. last night i hung out with jason sans kelly, and
that was ok.. and then the boys came over, josh and james
too, and that was good, i like josh and james and im a
little sad we don;t hang out like we used to, cause i
rememeber last night how cool those boys are, i really miss
them, hanging out...

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