The Schwank File
2002-03-16 14:09:38 (UTC)

Last one from home...

Yesterday was an enjoyable day. My mom and I picked up
Betta a bit after 3:00. It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO good to see
her!!! We came back to my house, and I gave her the Beaver
Patrol CD, which, I must admit, is a work of creative
genius. "Meet me where it always feels like
summertime..." Sigh. Yeah. So, then the two of us went
to Quality for flowers, to Betta's for a quick visit with
her family (my second family), then to the ATM. NOTE:
Green means go. Red means stop. Green arrow DOES NOT mean
go straight. Moving on...

Becks arrived around 6:15, and we were off to Comfort
Zone. Well, we were until Betta had the fantab idea of
dropping by the Skells house to see the kiddies. They are
soooooooooo cute!!!!! And, you would so not be able to
tell that Mrs. Skelley had twins eleven months ago. Twas a
nice visit.

We really were off to Comfort Zone then, and sinful cake
accompanied by quality chatty poo were enjoyed. We decided
that we're taking over open mike night over the summer.
Oh, I kid you not.

Headed to Crazy Eights next, where we played some of the
strangest pool of late with Seany~poo. Saw Melissa
Militello and Melanie Cullen, too, so that was very nice.
I definitely, at one point, had a total air shot--did not
even come close to the cue ball...but I then nailed my ball
of choice in the corner pocket, so twas all good. Betta
and I got another picture with the pool guy because the
last ones didn't come out all that well. He was like, "I
think I'm blushing." It was comical. Hopefully, this one
will come out better.

I had to return my Betta to school then.
SNIIIIIIIIIIIIIFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really
just did not want to have to say good-bye. It won't be
long at all before summer, but still. I knew I missed her
like a fiend, but I realized the extent to which I miss her
when I had to leave her again. It makes my heart cry. If
you've never had a best friend, and even if you have, you
still might not know what I mean. Sighers. Happy note: 7
weeks left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It
will be soooooooo nice to spend more than an evening with
you guys. How I do miss y'all. HUGE IF PARTY THE FIRST
WEEK HOME!!!!!!!

Anyhoo, time to shower and enjoy my last day at home. I'll
write again from the Pang.

Love you so much,