Diary of a preteen drama queen
2001-05-13 23:21:44 (UTC)

confessions con't

Okay , I'm back. no one thinks that I am a normal. Not even
me. I would hate to be normal. It would be such a change to
be able to be normal and be a worry wart. I like being care-
free, not a single thing to bother me. There is really only
one thing that does bother me which is not being able to be
with my friends. I have too many friends that I can't live
without. It just makes me feel better to list them so I'm
going to. Okay Andrea,Janessa,Daneille,Allie,Heather,Heidi,
Alex, Chelsea,Ben (if you read this Ben Trask, get over it
and realize that deep down you are my friend and your fat
too!),Shalah, Heather (there's two of them),Eddy,
Jenny,Emily,Natalia,and a whole bunch of others. Gotta go