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2002-03-16 08:55:48 (UTC)

I just couldn't believe it...

So get this, my supervisor has never like me from the
beginning. On Tuesday, she told me to teach this guy named
Gary how to do inventory. I went to Maggie and asked her to
do it. Now the reason I did this was cause Gary doesn't
speak English well at all, and I get uncomfortable when I
have to stand there and try to figure out how to put
something so that he'll understand. Also, he was making up
time he missed, so I never actually worked with him. Maggie
has been here a few years, and she know how to deal with
that. Anyhow, I asked her if she could do it, and she said
that would be fine

Well on Thursday, Cheryl (the supervisor) first said that
I was a racist, and then said I refused to do what she
said. I didn't refuse to do a damn thing, I asked someone
if they could do it, and they said fine. She threatened to
fire me for insubordination. Now maybe what I did wasn't
right, but she took it totally out of context and then lied
about it. She never did like me, and she is looking for
anything to get me fired. So, before that happens, I'll
resign. I have a second job at linen n things, and the
Public is hiring, so I hope that I get it.

In any event, I am NOT a racist. My old boyfriend is
mexican, society would probably classify my bestfriend as a
social outcast, and I'm gay!! Why would I discriminate
against somebody for who they are? Now, i'm only 19, and i
still have things to learn. I was wrong in what I did, but
the tone Cheryl took that was was very much uncalled for.
An explanation of how I was wrong without all the threats
would be the more proper thing to do.

It is really too bad, cause I could have done a lot for
that library, and I would have liked too, but they never
gave me a chance from the beginning. Oh well, there lost.

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