Queen Bee

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2002-03-16 08:11:44 (UTC)

Hey everyone!!

Well that deep pit of depression and non okayness i was
waiting for yesterday, came in the night. I knew something
was going to happen i just didnt know what. according to
boy, my ex has 3 other g/f all of which he had while we
were going out and that my ex really didnt care about me.
but my ex denied that and said that he did care about me
and had no dount in his mind that he loves me. so we have
decided to be friends until we sort our shit out. and plus
i need time alone with out a b/f for a while. but yeah. and
i believe boy and i believe ex, actually i dont believe any
of them cuz im not to big on the trust issues right now but
as of right now, it doesnt matter what he did or it doesnt
matter what boy said last night, it never happened, i dont
care what he did, as long as hes telling me the truth about
the not having the 3 g/f and telling me the truth about
that he loves me and cares about me and wants to be with
me,cuz if he doesnt i wouldnt care, well i would care but
as long at he tells me the truth. as long as hes telling me
the truth about everything that was said on the phone
today. cuz im sick of hurting, sick of crying, sick of
being lied to, sick of it all. and i just cant take it
anymore. but yeah, so im doing okay, kinda lonely, raven is
off with her boy like always and red is sleeping, god it
feels great to be wanted. people must think ima fucking
idiot, but hey i am.