lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2002-03-16 07:56:19 (UTC)

much to my chagrin...

ahh i love words like "chagrin" and "plethora"...we may
never know why, ehh? oh wait.

well here's the story kids. i DO NOT like jeff. haha some
people read my last little semi-obsessive material &
thought there was something a-brewin' between me & the
jeffster. but no. he's just another fun friend to have
cuz he's a christian, he writes songs, he's hilarious, he
gives good hugs, and he likes hanging out with me. it's
all a big today we were talking and i said he
was a liar & he looked into my eyes and said, "i could
never lie to these eyes. you are beautiful!!" and it was a
touching moment but that's just how it is. funny but not
for real. besides, i can't like a guy who doesn't like
audrey hepburn movies, ok?? haha...but i DO like jeff as a
buddy a lot & he said he's gonna write me a song, so he's
on my good side. yay.

umm what else? i just got home, it's late, i'm me tomorrow before i have to go to the clipper
game...snnnnnooooooorrrreeee...sounds like fun. not. ahh
i'm actually scared that it's gonna be bombed. oh my
word. why do i let myself think scary thoughts before i go
to bed??? eeek!

ok well i gotta go. bye kids. i had fun tonight, and so did
you!! :-)