Dirty Fractyl
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2002-03-16 07:23:49 (UTC)

Blade was hardcore

Oh, man, that title, it has nothing to do with anything I
want to talk about. Sorry to disappoint you Blade fans.

I was thinking to myself as I went to write this entry that
having a diary that both my girlfriend and a certain one of
my very special femail (I am keeping that spelling error
just to demonstate whatever it demonstrates) friends reads
is about tantamount to masturbating in public. I embarrass
myself or get myself in trouble no matter how careful I
might be about anything. So, in short, you'll have to
excuse the superficiality of this journal entry as I dance
around every important topic and discuss only the less
meaningful topics.

Aubrey learned the meaning of the word haze and got her
first lessons on how to haze people. To see her actively
and correctly incorporating the word "haze" into her
vocabulary, and then hazing my brothers (who she barely
knows), is more than hilarious. Sarah is tired of me
saying haze already. I'll just have to haze her
more...*dies laughing*

D-K-E for life.
(See, Aubrey, that is one of our mottos. Notice, it
doesn't say "D-K-E for life--unless you leave Centre

I am spitting a lot. It's really gross according to others.

I think I am out of socks. Please pity me.

I saw my cousins today in Paragon, some restaurante that
they work at here in Chicago. We were supposed to go out
together tonight, but it has been postponed until tomorrow
evening or afternoon...which is fine. I slept tonight
away, while Sarah went out as I slept. I guess I needed
the sleep. The somewhat amusing aspect of the whole sleep
issue is that I am going to be really exhausted when I get
back to Florida and spring break is supposed to be for
recovery. So it becomes that whole proverbial "recovery
from my recovery," or whatever old people might say to make
it seem funnier.

Dilbert remains the only cartoon capable of making me laugh
out loud. I find Dogbert to be especially hilarious.

It may be due to my refusal to upset Aubrey or my obesiance
to her wishes, whichever you may deem it, by smoking, that
I think I am on the road to smoking far less than usual.
This can only be assumed to be good news. Quitting is
obviously an emmanent and certain possibility.

I have no idea what is going on in the world right now,
having been cut off from newspapers and NPR for the last
week. I remember when I was at Centre, without making an
effort, I lost complete touch with the fact that there was
a world beyond the realms of Boyle County.

March madness has commenced. I have not even been
opportune enough to get to watch an entire game yet. As to
how much this upsets me, I'd prefer not to get into it.

I need to clip my toenails. While we're on the feet
subject, my shoes are covered in dry mud. They are
probably feeling neglected and what not, so I'll wash those
bastards tomorrow.

Hot girls should all pierce their bellybutton. I even tell
my mom to pierce hers, though I obviously refuse to
acknowledge my mother as hot. It's just that she has dark
skin and is slim. If I was not her son, I'd be like "Damn
girl! Pierce your belly button!"--or something.

I still need to take my brother to one to celebrate his
18th. This must occur when I return. I feel like a
terrible older brother. I mean, really, am I not supposed
to be the strongest contributer to his moral decay??

I think I need to shower. I did not today, and I can't
remember if I did the day I left from Kentucky, oh yeah,
that'd be yesterday. So I better tomorrow. Shut the hell
up; it isn't gross. I smell fantastic with my deo and
cologne, thank you, mofo.

I miss my bed, having a lot of clean shoes, and florida
weed. I do not miss, however, school, work, house chores,
responsibilities, all the other things that are encompassed
by being in the place which I reside. Damn, that last
phrase sounded fancy. Where dost thou hail? *pisses
himself with midieval piss*

On a side note, it should be spelled mideville. If I were
gay enough to waste my life as a historian, that is what I
would set out upon. I think I will work in a pet shop
instead. That's why I wanted to be a bio major. "Yes,
sir, that dog is of the family caninus and its closest
living relative in the wild is a wolf. Would you like
one?" That would be my sales pitch for every dog in the
store. I can't believe I am spelling dog with one 'g'. I
have never felt so white.

Well, now that I have rambled on for a while and managed
not to even mention the problems encountered in my
relationship or any of the drama, and there has been
plenty, of the last week, I feel I have earned myself a
cigarette and a pepsi. Or should I drink water? Oh, the
decisions I have to make...