pink's palace
2001-05-13 23:06:17 (UTC)


Today i sat at my computer all day long trying to think of
things that i can do. i came up with a selection of things
to do with a ded glo stick.
1. marry it to the toaster
2. put a face on it an call it bob
3. have a funeral for it
4. somehow make a house out of them
5. play toss the ded glo stick
6. hit my room mates over the head with them
7. tape them togather and play swords with them
8. carry them where ever i go and talk to them like they
were real, just to scare people
9. take them to raves for old times sake
10. direct traffic with them
11. tape them to the sides of the computer
12. try to use them as chop sticks
13. make a family out of them
14. hang them from the ceiling fan
15. put them in ypur lunch box

i quit my job yesterday. i werked at mc donalds out on the
turn pike. bitchy people, bitchy cutomers, and bitchy
managers. except for amber and kristy. my friend chris is
supposed to take me to moore with him on tuesday to see
about getting some job at a cable place, hey sitting on my
ass answering phones all day and making 8 bucks starting
out isn't too bad. i adopted a dog the other day, my
roommate and i named him bill then yetserday we found out
that bill is a she bill. he is the apartment dog, pets
aren't allowed at my apartment.
my roomate melissa isn't eally my roomate anymore, she has
stayed with her boyfriend jason everyday cept two in the
past two weeks, she used to live with him but they got into
a huge fight and she moved in with me, she is pregnant and
they made up. im kinda sad by it but im happy for her. she
is supposed to go to 23rd body peircings today and get her
face peirced. i have no idea what it's called, it
s her cheek by her mouth. i have my labret and tongue
peirced. melissa is thinking about getting her tongue
peirced a second time, double tongue was
swollen for a week and plus i had to werk the day i got it
done. my friend derreck did it, he werks at teezers in
duncan, he's cute. two gay guys named chris spent the night
at my apartment last night. it was kind of weird. anyhoo i
think im going to go find somthing to eat.