1 day in a life as it dies
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2002-03-16 06:19:58 (UTC)

Allie, Rosie, Megan and Nicki

all the girls that I wanted but can never have Allie is
well idk what is up with her but we are history we cant
even talk to each other anymore and I still like her but
she lives in another world from me, Rosie well if you have
been reading this thing you know what is up with her, Megan
and Nicki are weird with me I cant have either one of them
in any way not even as much of a friend anymore I would
just mess it up if I could they both live in another state
with doesnt even bug me at all I would drive to see them in
a heart beat but I am just turning out like a brother to
them nothing new for me but damn I am sick of it every girl
I have ever told I liked them turns out to like me like a
bro, I wish I had the guts to ask out some of the hott guys
around here (yes I am bi) but very shy about it not on here
cuz no one I know reads these things
my AIM s/n is
if you want to talk to me I am almost always on