The Thoughts of A Writer
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2002-03-16 06:03:42 (UTC)

Isn't this nifty?

Hey guys! Now you can spy on my thoughts! Uh, scary huh?

Well, today wasn't a very good day for me. However, I did
get chapter two up. I haven't started on chapter 3, I will
soon though.

I made a coolio banner like looking thing, did you check it
out? I think I am getting pretty good at all the html junk.
If I had to do something with it a month or so with it I
would have been like clueless barbie, now I am getting into
being like smart barbie. Lol, sorry for my ghetto talk but
this is nifty! Lol.

Tomorrow I might go and see 'We were soliders' I heard it
is pretty good. I haven't been out to see a movie for a
while so I am excited. I think the last movie in theaters I
saw was 'Zoolander'. Enough said.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the look into my mind...


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