~My Life... Well, Mostly my "love life"~
2002-03-16 06:00:25 (UTC)

BROOME GIRSL SOCCER WON, but it didn't help my lovelife.

I haven't written in a long time, but it is because nothing
had really hapened. I have three new classes, business
Computer Applications, which I am only taking because it is
required; Spanish II; and Biology Honors. Biology is
really fun, I think, and easy too, even though a lot of
people are failing the class, and some people are SO happy
that they are even making a 70. But I am making a 95. I
just got back from a soccer game at about 10:45 tonight.
WE WON OUR FIRST GAME 3-2. It was also the first SCORE in
the past 5 years!! GO BROOME SOCCER!! I didn't get to
play, though, again, because Coach Fletcher said that I am
too slow, which I am. So all this weekend, I am going to
train and train. And she puts people in with bad
attitudes, which she said that she would never do. Jeff
asked me out again about a week ago, but I wouldnt go out
with him, so now 10th grader Jeff goes out with a 6th
grader. That cannot be healthy for anyone. There is a guy
that I have biology with that is in the 9th grade, and I
really like him, but I think that he likes Stephanie or
Liz, whichare both my friends, one of which has a
boyfriend, the other of which likes my very best friend,
Brandon. I don't think that it is cool that Jeff is the
only person that ever asks me out. It's not that I don't
like him, it is just that he only comes around me when he
doesn't have a girlfriend. There are some cute guys at my
school, but I never see some of them. i did like Dana (a
guy), but when he found out that I liked him, he stopped
talking to me, and he only talks to me when he has to which
is when Mrs. Rogers puts us together for labs in Biology.
I also liked a guy names Jonathan, but now he goes to the
Spartanbutg County Alternative School, where all of
the "bad" people. I seem to be attracted to the "bad"
people. Then there is Mark, who I think likes Steph or
Liz. There is no one else that I can think of that I even
remotely like, or ever would like. Aaron is like me a
little bit because we both like the same type of music, and
we both have a strong dislike of our first teacher, and he
is really cute, but he is still 14 (he skipped 8th grade)
and I am 16, so I don't know how anyone would feel about
that, especailly myself, and I wouldn't want to put Aaron
in an awkward position. Travis and Evans are alright, but
Evans has a girlfriend, and he is a little obnoxious.
Travis only messes around with me because I think he knows
that I like Mark. It seems like people only come around me
when they need academic help. Like today, we thought our
soccer game was at 5:00, but it was at 6:00, so we were
there an hour early. Since we had nothing to do, we played
a trivia game, and like 4 people said, "I'm on Sarah's
team." Some people would like to be known as the smart
person, but trust me, it is NOT something that I have
always wanted to be, and sometimes, people don't know how
smart I am, but other people tell them, and then more
people badger me to help them do some stupid academic
things that they could do on their own very easily. I
guess that is ebough about my academic and lovelife's
woes. Goodinght to it all, I can't take this much longer.

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